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Frequently asked questions…

Please contact us via our contact page and we will arrange a time with you to have a chat on the phone. We will then send you information about the process and the costs involved. You can then decide if you would like to proceed with the screening and or assessment process.

Occupational and Speech and Language therapists cannot make a diagnosis in isolation. However, we are able to work closely with Developmental Pediatricians and Educational/ behavioural psychologists to share our assessments which will assist in the diagnosis process. We are happy to advise you around whether getting a diagnosis may be beneficial for your child.

The initial screening with your child will give us a general idea around what clinical assessments would be useful to carry out. These assessments will pinpoint specific skills which are developmentally expected for your child at their specific age.

After you have contacted us, we will arrange a time for you to speak with the therapist on the phone. Next, we will arrange a suitable time to come to your home and carry out the initial screening. After this, we will advise you on what the recommended next steps will be. If further assessment is recommended, our therapists will bring these to the next session. Then, if ongoing sessions are implemented (sessions at home are 1 hour), your child's therapist will bring all the equipment and resources needed to carry out effective and fun therapy sessions.

Our approach is definitely one based on the principle that a child's happiness is first and foremost THE most important factor. This needs to be considered in every decision we make for our children. When external expectations do not match a child's skill set, this can lead to low confidence or poor motivation. We want our children to be well equipped to manage life, and if building on some skills to help get them there through developmentally appropriate methods, then why not?

Different people often have different views on a child. This can also work in reverse, where the parent finds it difficult to see the same challenges that the teacher sees. This relates to the demands and expectations in different environments. It is ok to seek help for your child without reported concerns at school. Sometimes children are their truer selves at home.

This question is asked a lot, and is tricky to answer as each child is so different. The answer depends on the severity of your child's challenges, what is done at home and school to complement what is worked on in therapy, and your child's general developmental progress. We will closely monitor progress and re-assess as needed to ensure a targeted approach.

We will talk with your child's teacher to arrange the least disruptive time to see them. In school sessions are 40 minutes long.

Humans carry their own preconceived ideas of how a child should behave, develop and perform. As well as their own perception of what therapy is and means to them. Emphasise the fact that therapy is solution focussed and a positive way to support and care for your child.

Your therapist will have planned an individualised therapy session to work on the specific skills identified in the assessment process. For some children creating a visual schedule of what they will be doing in the session is useful to help them know what is expected. For others, a more play based approach is taken. Sessions are 1 hour at home and 40 minutes in school.

Absolutely! We use the online platform Bloomz, which is a bit like Seesaw or Facebook. However this is private and photos, notes and videos are only shared with you and your child's teacher with permission. Activities to do at home are usually provided after the assessment process, and we are happy to go through these with you to ensure correct application.

Please contact us via our contact form, via email, +65 8180 8503 to arrange an informal chat about how we can work with your child.