Occupational Therapy

Arotahi provides expert occupational therapy to help children to build independence and confidence.

Occupational Therapy

Paediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs) assess and treat children who have difficulties that affect their ability to do every day functional activities. OTs help children achieve or maintain their maximum level of independence so they can access the school curriculum to their full potential.

Typically, the sorts of everyday skills a child might need help with include those needed to pay attention, be independent with tasks, participate fully in learning opportunities, meet classroom behavioural expectations and access learning to meet year/grade level curriculum demands.

Skills we work on include: attention, sensory processing, fine motor skills, handwriting, gross motor skills, executive functioning, self-care, and play skills.

If your child would benefit from Occupational therapy, we would initially conduct an assessment, observing your child and identifying which specific skills require strengthening to enable them to gain greater independence, confidence, and ability.

This would be followed up with a one-to-one targeted treatment plan that addresses the specific difficulties facing an individual child or young person and outlines practical advice, techniques, and strategies to improve a child’s skills.

Your tailored treatment plan will typically focus on specific skills development at home and/or school. We will periodically review a child’s progress and adjust their programme accordingly. Of course, not all children require the presence of an OT at every stage of their treatment, so we can devise bespoke programmes that incorporate activities throughout a child’s day, giving them increased opportunity to practice the techniques we develop with them. The report may include strategies for the home and school environments. For example, strategies for teachers to improve a child’s classroom participation and learning, or techniques to maximize independence at home and manage daily challenges.

Arotahi’s highly trained occupational therapists work to break down the barriers which hold back children in carrying out their day-to-day activities. You may also be interested in our article How Can Occupational Therapy Help my Child Learn at School?

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