Arotahi’s terms of service


Arotahi Pte Ltd is privately contracted to provide Occupational therapy services in Singapore. This agreement is between the parents/family or guardian of the child/ward and Arotahi only.  


We will hold, in confidence, all information concerning you or your child/ward. We will not disclose any of this information to any other party except as mutually agreed upon. Such as, with your child/wards teacher/s.

Duty of Care

Our duty of care is to support your child/ward and you. We will endeavour to provide high quality therapy and support, as per our commitment to your child/ward, with a best practice model and within a safe and supportive environment. Arotahi staff have been provided with the prerequisite safe guarding training at DCSG. If at any time you are not happy, please communicate this with us.


Create your own automated PDFs with JotForm PDF Editor 1 If at any time you wish for your child to cease in-school Occupational therapy with Arotahi Pte Ltd, please let us know in writing at least 5 days before your child’s last scheduled therapy session.


In school session times are arranged directly between your child/wards teacher and the therapist. During school holidays, clinic sessions can be arranged at Thrive Family’s clinic. You can contact Thrive Family to book directly; Email: or phone: 92330602.


You will be billed directly, via email, on the week preceding a new calendar month. Payment is required before your child/ward participates in their scheduled Occupational therapy sessions or other mutually agreed upon service as listed below. If your child, or the therapist, is unwell or absent from school, a credit will be provided for the following month. Occupational therapy sessions carried out at Thrive-Family will be billed separately by them. 

Please submit the terms of service form (which will be sent to you) before commencing with therapy services at Arotahi.

If you have any questions please contact us at Arotahi Child Focused Therapy by email at